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15 August 2007 @ 11:34 am
Past Winners  

Week 01: I'm A Believer|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: milkfed
Week 02: I Dreamed A Dream|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: wrangle
Week 03: I So Hate Consequences|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: ashleybah
Week 04: Can't Repeat|Voting|Winners|Banners1st place: tehiconz
Week 05: For Fruits Basket|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: arisadonna
Week 06: Bright Eyes|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: endlesssite
Week 07: Wherever You Will Go|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: milkfed
Week 08: On A Day Like Today|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: _facade
Week 09: The Time Warp|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: linachu
Week 10: Gravity|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: frostedinferno & linachu
Week 11: The Show Must Go On|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: ms_freak112
Week 12: Sugar|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: endlesssite
Week 13: Life For Rent|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: roostah
Week 14: Christmas (own choice)|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: techno_knight
Week 15: Say Anything|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: frostedinferno
Week 16: The Speed Of Sound|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mubee
Week 17: Lemon Tree|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: snahjerblah
Week 18: Because Of You|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: fullmoonfrost
Week 19: The Sun|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: asperityoftime
Week 20: Do You Want To|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: fullmoonfrost
Week 21: Leave Me Alone|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mamushi_chan
Week 22: Someday|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: fullmoonfrost
Week 23: Sway|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mubee
Week 24: The Closest Thing To Crazy|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mmrobitussin
Week 25: The Reason|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mmrobitussin
Week 26: Written In The Stars|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mmrobitussin
Week 27: Chasing Cars|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: mmrobitussin
Week 28: Blue And Yellow|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: kaeleer
Week 29: Chyna Girl|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: roostah
Week 30: I Need To Be In Love|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: napkiin
Week 31: Good Morning Sunshine|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: tainee
Week 32: Stairway To Heaven|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: kaeleer
Week 33: Amazing|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: kaeleer
Week 34: Dance Dance|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: missykitty0115
Week 35: I Shall Believe|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place:riyuji
Week 36: China In Your Hand|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: aeolianafay
Week 37: Autumn Goodbye|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: riyuji
Week 38: Whistle Down The Wind|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: digitaltvirus
Week 39: This Twilight Garden|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: digitaltvirus
Week 40: Suddenly I See|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: jigglypuff
Week 41: Invincible|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: digitaltvirus
Week 42: Accidentally In Love|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: kaeleer
Week 43: Caught In A Moment|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: buddha_loves_me
Week 44: Oceans Away|Voting|Winners|1st place: missykitty0115
Week 45: Put Your Records On|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: aeolianafay
Week 46: Everything|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: buddha_loves_me
Week 47: Time Of Your Life|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place:aeolianafay
Week 48: My Tales|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: riyuji
Week 49: Wild Child|Voting|Winners|1st place: riyuji
Week 50: Triptych (own choice)|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: missykitty0115
Week 51: Yesterday|Voting|Winners|1st place: __lost_x3
Week 52: Fill My Little World|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: aeolianafay
Week 53: Failure By Designer Jeans|Voting|Winners|Banners|1st place: missykitty0115
Week 54: Gravity Of Love|Voting|Winners|1st place: aeolianafay
Week 55: A Sorta Fairytale
Week 56: To Where You Are
Week 57: Time To Dance|Voting|Winners|1st place: aeolianafay

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